Started by Tanked82, July 17, 2020, 06:15:49 PM

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Today i say farewell to my g16a such a short life but served me well rofl rofl rofl rofl
So time for another engine, this time getting abit more modern ideally something with efi..was reading that the apvs run a g16a do they fit i may be able to get one complete that has been damaged in the rear so the front is ok,,,I dont know much about them other then the block is the same...Ideally like to go this was as its a modern engine....Or am i better off buying a baleno same deal pull the engine etc out of that as its a known engine swap and conversion...some info would be handy


The blocks will be basically the same on all g16's. Keep the sump and oil pickup from your current engine if its been shaped to go around the diff in a sierra and bolt to the new one and it should all bolt in. The difference with the efi will be more around what sensors are used, ie whether it used cam or crank angle sensors etc.


The APV runs a G16B efi motor, but is completely different.  Its a slant motor, so the sump, oil pick up, intake manifold, exhaust manifold and ancillary brackets/ placement are all very different.  To the point where its not worth the hassle.

g16B from a Vitara will be the most headache free swap.


So this is what i am doing....and much headaches will follow i know
m15a vvt
vitara non vvt box hybrid setup with my 5spd (fun times to be had there)
Full aftermarket ecu.

Doesnt sound to hard however time will tell
I have read alot of stuff, and lots of m13a parts been ordered lots of pain and fun to be had


Aftermarket ECU will be the best way to go. The M series electronics is a total pain in the bum. Ecu, key transponder amd wire antenna are all paired, so you need to integrate all that junk to get it to work.

Also worth mentioning that the M18 is a much better motor for the effort. Not sure how hard that would be to get past qld transport though.


Forgot to mention that you'll likely need M13 parts to make it work. Sump and pick up at the very least.


So alot to update since last message, I have the engine and box in the car... It was a mission like I thought it would be, ended up using my old heavy duty clutch and pressure plate on the jimny flywheel so thats a yay, jimny oil pick up pip (new ex japan took forever) sump, inlet manifold, extractors of Jimny (they just fit in the engine bay) trimmed down a factory loom of a swift to just the bare essentials, eg injectors, coils, crank sensor etc etc.

Gear box was a mission but got the selectors changed over the rear housing changed over.  It had to come apart and the shaft trimmed a few mm and the case trimmed a few mm as well to make it all bolt up but yay finally, all new bearing and seals through out while we were at it as well.

Was a bit of a mission to get it in to the car in one peice but got it in.

Since its been in have had to work out how to get water in to the engine, which was an interesting challenge as I am running a cut down hilux radiator, but hey where is the fun if it was easy but all sorted, cut down and made some new piping to get water out of the motor so yay there as well.  Have to look at the heater piping set up now and figure that step out next, then thats pretty much all the smallish issues. 

Fuel is going to just be a standard issue bosch elec fuel pump nothing fancy there

Once this is done the fun if working out how to get throttle cable to happen, clutch cable just those minor things.

Then finnally onto the wiring for the ecu and tuning, its slowly getting there, my plan is have it running by christmas and hopefully all going well it will be

If anyone knows of a decent mod plate guy in the Ipswich region please let me know ta