2007 NGV Prestige V6 Auto (Stock) - Biggest Tyre??

Started by HDG05, September 24, 2018, 10:37:03 PM

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Hi Guys

It's been over 2 years since I've been active on this forum, I guess having a nearly 2 year old son is a good excuse  ::)
Anyway, since my last time posting on here, I've gone from having a well equipped 2004 GV, to my current vehicle which is a really tidy 2007 NGV Prestige V6 Auto. It is what you would call stock as a rock! I'm very sad about this, when my previous ride had everything I wish for in a weekend warrior, however opportunity called when this very tidy car came up for sale, so here we are......

Anyway, I don't have the budget to go silly with many- if any :( -  mods at all this time round, so as an absolute minimum seeing the current HT tyres are less then desirable, and knowing one of the best bang for buck mods you can do to any 4x4 is bolt on some quality rubber, I figured the least I could do is invest in some decent all-terrains. (not muddies this time round, although I do dearly miss my federal MT's  :( )
The car has the 17x6.5 inch rims (being the prestige model) so I would like some advice from those that may have done what I am wanting to do, in fitting the tallest possible tyre to my stock height vehicle?? I know I won't be able to accommodate to much over the stock O.D (which is currently 724mm - 225/65/17) On a tyre size comparison calculator, the best combination I could come up with that may be feasible (hopefully) is an O.D of 769mm (or +45mm - 225/75/17).
This would effectively give me nearly an inch of lift (22.5mm).

Am I being optimistic with fitting this tyre to my stock vehicle, with no scrubbing issues??
I really like the wheel, so don't want to go back to a 16inch (which would probably be easier for size options and tyre price, however I don't even know if I could go back to a 16in with this model, as the brakes may be bigger as there is bugger all room from brake to rim on the front)

Whilst I'm going, I may as well get some tyre brand advice as well. (remember, not muddies this time round, just a nice aggressive AT, with great wet weather properties, which is most important with the little man in the car, as I'm sure you can all appreciate)

Any advice on this would be terrific.

Thanks guys. Hope to get out in the rocks and mud again sometime soon!  <ii>


Hi, welcome back.
For tyres on your car I don't think there's a whole lot of room to play with plus increasing diameter will affect gearing to an extent.
However remember a stock sized HT tyre typically has a slightly smaller overall diameter than another brand A/T tyre in the same size.
For instance my Prado has Bridgestone Dueler D697 All Terrains in the stock size 265/70R16 but the tyre itself is physically bigger in diameter than the original Grandtreks.
The Bridgestones by the way have been pretty good in all weather particularly rain and easy to live with. Being LT construction they can take off road treatment well too.

I see that a 225/70r17 in Duelers is 748mm OD so on paper that's a radius increase of 12mm over stock on but be aware that you might want to allow a bit of extra 'wriggle room' to cover the physical difference to what you have.

I would suggest doing some careful measurements and take it from there but get the bulk of your extra clearance by investing in a set of springs to get a modest lift and increase load carrying capacity. 40mm should work out fine without affecting geometry.
So 40mm + 12 mm = 52mm overall - still quite legal in QLD
Not sure if there's an option for a slightly longer rear shock that can work within the confines of that rear suspension system but if there is something that can give you a tiny bit more rear end droop it would be good.

As a bribe come to our Suzuki Social, we have a couple of members in the club with NGV's, so there's plenty of people to talk to about this stuff before you commit dollars <ii>


gearing on those GVs is too tall to begin with.  stick with standard size
Hunting for bigger tyres so I can get over myself.