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Started by Paul, May 03, 2018, 11:21:17 PM

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Hi Guys :helloowave:
I have just joined and thank you for having me.
I have a Jimny 10/2004 and I am after some advice.
I believe you can swap the standard Jimny alternator for am ef/el Falcon alternator.
Is this the case and is there anywhere that gives instructions on how to do this.
Any help much appreciated.

just cruizin

Is that the G13BB? Or the M series.  I know it's very easy with the G
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Yeah its an M series.
Hoping someone has a suggestion how I can little more out of my alternator or changing it for another.


Pretty sure Paul ran a Falcon alternator on his M series, may be wrong


Hi Paul,  did you get the info you need??
I have done the swap in my M series Jimny. Used a Ford Falcon EF to EL  alternator - BUT you need the Mitsubishi model alternator 105A. and the plug off the loom (but you can buy this online), and the mounting bolt - it's longer. Not all Falcon EF/EL models have the big alternator - so you need power windows/air conditioned model it seems. You can also get a reconditioned unit (really new I think) with warranty, so don't spend too much secondhand, and then have to do bearings, brushes, regulator.
Notes from my install -
Just installed an uprated alternator ex EL falcon 6cyl wagon in Jimny. It has to Mitsubishi alternator, and seems it needs to come from power window/air conditioned model.
It's not quite as straight forward as it sounds. The secondhand one came with about a litre of oil pouring forth from its insides, so first job was clean-up. I decided to do new bearings so stripped it down and cleaned everything. Takes a bit of effort to undo the pulley nut, rattle gun is the way. Brushes were ok, sliprings also good, just a clean up on the surfaces.
Bearings available from the local bearing shop, not all that expensive- under $40 for both; B8-85D (8*23*14) and B17-102.
Back together, and into the car. Well, first make up two spacers for bottom mount, new longer bolt also required, to get it pivoting correctly.
Top bracket is NOT straight forward – if you don't trim it up, it will bind on the alternator frame and cripple the belt adjustment. So, I opened the adjust slot to take the bigger bolt as fitted to the Falcon, and opened up the adjustment bracket slot for the bigger diameter adjustment slot bolt.
Then I ground off a small raised section on the Alternator housing (about 5mm by 5mm raised rib), so the adjust bracket did not bind. I also ground a chunk from the bottom face of the adjust bar so it cleared the alternator frame, especially near the end remote from the block.
The new belt recommended was a 4PK 860; I could barely get it on, and as my pulleys are 5PK (alternator had 6PK) so I ordered a 5PK 865. A [Nice Try] job to get the belt off and I managed to do it by getting the A/C drive belt off first, and lining up the 4PK onto the 5 groove pulleys, but it's knuckle  skinning operation. Now has to be done again as the longer 5PK belt is needed, and I have a faulty regulator. The dash light does not go out completely – bother – the regulator is crapped apparently; In the end I ran out of time so bought a reconditioned alternator.  >:(
I had the plug and harness from the Falcon so I patched that in to the Jimny wiring.
Works well.  .applaud. Tighten alternator belt until belt stops squealing on start up.


Thanks for that.
I'll go see the wreckers tomorrow. :-)