Sierra 1.3 WT 1994 - Altenator Question and Old fuel dilemma..

Started by *VMAX*, February 13, 2018, 03:33:36 PM

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Hi Guys,
Its been a while, but I'm back!

Im working on getting my old Sierra back on the road and have a couple of questions:

1) Old fuel - It has approx 1/3 of a tank full of old fuel (5yrs old at least). Im hoping to avoid having to take the tank out.. Is there a fuel additive that could bring it back to usable, or do you reckon that if I filled it up full with premium that it would mix well enough with the old stuff to the point that I don't need to drain the crap stuff out? and just run the engine for a tank full..
Today the car fired up and idled for a few seconds, but now off course now has all that crap fuel in the carb (yes, shouldn't have ran it). My tank doesn't have a drain bung, so I was hoping to avoid having to take it out.

If I do have to take it out, can someone describe the best procedure... Im guessing I just release pressure (remove fuel cap briefly) then unscrew the filler tubing, then unscrew the line at the rear fuel filter, loosen the 4 tank mounting bolts and drop it out... Mine has the factory metal fuel lines and I'm keen not to break one.

2) Just before putting the Sierra out to pasture.. I had changed the Altenator with a brand new one of Ebay and there is something wrong. Although the battery shows good charging when running, the handbrake light and one other (perhaps its the battery charge light.. I cant recall) stay on. The car was definitely charging and drivable, but when you leave it overnight the battery drains.

My factory standard wiring loom has just two wires.. and its possible that the alternator is expecting three. The green connector on the standard loom has a blank at the top and the Alternator has a top/horizontal blade connector and two vertical trade connectors.. so I'm only connecting to the two sides.. Anyone else fit an aftermarket Alternator with similar issue..
Im thinking I may need to move one of the side blades to the top..

Any insights would be gratefully accepted.

Many thanks in advance!


Re the fuel, Suzuki carbs have notoriously small passages and block up so easily
you might not like this but the only way forward is to:
Empty the tank
Keep the old fuel
remove the tank
Use the old fuel to slosh about in the tank and get the rubbish from the bottom of the tank into suspension with the fuel
tip it all out
Inspect the inside of the tank (with a torch, no matches OK  :shocked:)
If the tank is bad and lots of rust - think about another tank
but as long as all the rubbish is out of the tank that's most of the battle won
refit the tank
put it all together and get rid of that old fuel, maybe let it settle and add it to some fresh stuff
Should run for ages after that

Sorry can't be of assistance regarding the alternator


Do what GP said, and a new fuel filter and add 2nd filter between the pump and the carby to catch anything that may make its way through.