Author Topic: (QLD 4311) Three LJs for Sale - $3300 for the lot  (Read 26 times)

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(QLD 4311) Three LJs for Sale - $3300 for the lot
« on: February 11, 2018, 10:40:36 PM »
I have 3 LJs for sale, and for the full requested price I will also include some additional parts:

set of Canvas Doors,
Reconditioned LJ80 Transfer Case
Very good condition bonnet
Pretty good condition (possibly very good, but I haven't looked at them in a while) hard doors.
Some extra windscreen surrounds (2 I think have glass, some may be LJ50).
set of cut down LJ80 doors (poor condition with a rust hole or two, but repairable)

The cars:
I have had all 3 cars driving and gearbox and transfer cases were sound.
Minimal work to get the engines to fire up again.

Car 1) LJ80 Soft top.
Maruti Engine that is excellent condition
New Clutch
New Brake Master Cylinder
Has had other work done on it some years back (fuel lines, brakes overhaul)
Bar Tread tyres
I had initially planned to put on the road years ago, but it has sat untouched for 3 yrs now.
Will RUN well with a bit of effort.

From the top of my head I recall the following note worthing: Seats are not bolted in, Battery is missing, Bonnet is rusty, fuel pump is a little suss, but when primed and the car is running it seems to continue to work fine. No Big rust holes from what I remember.. 3 yrs ago.

- To get it started, will only need petrol, fit a battery and some easy start spray ..and a bit of messing with the manual fuel pump to get it to prime. Brakes are fine.. bolt down the seats and go off roading.

Car 2) LJ80 Soft top
This one has a very good condition Sierra 1.3 fitted.
Has a 1ltr Transfer case and is excellent off road in 4L.
Has a bikini top
No Battery, but will run with bit of effort.

From the top of my head, issues were: Has Electric fan for radiator that keeps blowing fuses, has no glass in windscreen, no huge holes in the floor (if I recall correctly) but plenty of rust repair required in particular the sills and probably the floors - although as mentioned I don't recall significant holes.
Has a slow leak in one of the tyres.

- To get it started. Fit a battery, add petrol and turn the key. Pump up the tyres, find the reason for the electric fan blowing fuses and go off roading.

Car 3) LJ81 Ute
This one is the best of the bunch in some ways.
As I recall the body was good and at one point I think I only needed to wire the reverse light to get ready for roadworthy test. But that was years ago and it will now need some work.
The starter motor has been taken out, as I was going to get it serviced - But realise it was probably just a poor earth lead connection.
It has a mod plated Datsun 12y (I think Nissan?) Engine fitted that will run but was a bit smokey at cold.
The mud tyres fitted are very good with approx 80% or more tread.
Has what looks like original LJ seats and separate head rests (the head rests are not currently fitted)
No Battery.

- To get it started. Fit the Starter motor back in, fit a battery, add petrol and maybe some easy start spray and it should fire up. Bleed the brakes and it should be drivable.

So Bottom line : ALL 3 will run with very little effort. Im asking $3300 for the lot including the above mentioned additional parts.
Great for a club/team purchase and workshop exercise. Buy them work on them together, share info and use them for your club activities.

The cars are located at Rifle Range QLD 4311 (1hr from Brisbane CBD).

I will not respond to requests for more photos, if you are genuinely interested come and have a look.
Can not part out.

Contact: Email
Mob: 0412419619