Vitara Rear Axle Seal .

Started by zuk94, December 26, 2017, 09:18:05 PM

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The rear axle seal on the Vitara has let go and oil is everywhere . From memory there is only one seal but the likes of Repco etc are listing an inner and an outter. Has anyone replaced one recently that can give me the heads up ...  Couchy / GP ::)


Can't  comment for Vitara, but Repco list an inner  and outer for Coilys and mine only ran the one.


Inner is the one you want - may have to repack your bearing with grease.
Seal should be a 48-62-9 on the earlier models.

The outer is a dust seal to stop mud/dust getting to the bearing.


We can do it at my place Pete if your stuck for some space. I made a special tool to install the replacement seal.
I'm just bumbling round home cleaning up etc. giving the old back a rest


Thanks guys .
Graham we are  good for space plus we have have a few other jobs to do as well like CV boots , swap out some sensors , replace reverse switch etc and maybe next weekend replace a clutch.
More than happy for you to drop buy and get your hands dirty whilst resting your back .