Power not behaving

Started by Couchman, October 23, 2017, 08:12:50 AM

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Hi all, need some ideas with trying to find an electrical fault

Symptoms, (in order after rain)

1) Loss of horn
2) Park light on without switching on - switch in off position
3) Park light circuit not working, front or rear
4) Emergency flashes not working
5) Radio not working

Things still working and checked:
1) Indicators
2) Main lights - aftermarket loom
3) Switch for park/main lights - continuity tested with buzzer
4) Park light bulbs
5) All fuses
6) Pulling .5 amp at battery with every thing turned off

Going to check,
1) Power to secondary fuses inside car
2) Missing fuses in main fuse box
3) ...


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just cruizin

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Quote from: just cruizin on October 23, 2017, 04:24:01 PM
Earth problem in the dash
Looking more and more like it

Fuel pump cutting in and out on the way home last night plus no dash lights made for a fun drive home.

Checked internal fuse box for power, none.
Moved fuse in engine bay - now has power to internal fuse holders, looks like a fuse has rattled out  rofl

Had all parker lights going for a bit, then off again - switch in off position the whole time.

Going to buy some more big fuses and go hunting for the earth points tonight.


you say theres a .5 amp draw with everything off ? you should have less than 50 MILLIAMP current draw.
he "check engine" light came on , I opened the bonnet and the engine was still there.....


Well, slowly getting somewhere.
After doing a bit of chasing I now have a horn again, turns out the relay was a bit tired...
Have downloaded some wiring diagrams, so I can see what should be happening with the lights.


Another dodgy relay to the park lights and it's all fixed :armsup:
Just need to replenish the stock of relays, but for now  cheers and to bed.

just cruizin

Seems weird they all went at the same time
Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards


Would have been all the rain from last week, had to take the bungs out of the floor to let the water out.