E10 and sierra carbies

Started by Nissvit, June 10, 2017, 10:29:12 PM

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just a reminder, don't believe the ads on TV about ethanol being better now than it was 10 years ago for sierras.

Every carb I am opening now is full of white corrosion, (to the point that some have even grown in the jets, so you can't get them out to clean them) which just didn't happen years ago. Years ago there would be a mark at the bottom of the bowl where the water and gunk had sat at the bottom and not mixed with the fuel. Now the ethanol allows all of this water to be mixed throughout the fuel so it rots everything that isn't extremely resistant.

To anyone running a stock sierra carby do yourself a favour and put two stroke in at the ratio of 1 part two stroke to 400 parts petrol to keep things oiled or a bit of diesel at about 1:200 ratio so they don't corrode internally to the point of being un-able to be repaired. This is about 2.5mm two stroke for every litre, or about 5mm diesel for every litre so half a cup (125mm) of two stroke or a cup (250) of diesel for every 50litres you put in. (Ratios are from USA and Canada forums where they have had Ethanol added for many years).

anyone who has an older car needs to be very conscious of what an alcohol mixture that creates a water suspension can do in a fuel system made of aluminium, copper and brass...


Good reminder there about ethanol. I'll remember that about 2stroke and diesel. Nice. :)

Benefit of 98RON is no ethanol added and probably only good reason to run it.

On a side note about ethanol - unloading sorghum at our local ethanol plant is a very slow process indeed. Makes one wonder about whether the plant was built to stand on it's own merits or for some other reason...


I just run 98 in everything now
fortunately I live not far from the Shell cnr Herston Rd & Kelvin Grove road, their 98 is consistently only 13-15 cents dearer than 91 octane
(some of our other local servos have 98 22-24 cents dearer)

James R

Scary stuff Chris. The only time I've used E10 was once in our old Swift (g13a motor). It felt like it lost some of it's power and wasn't as smooth running. I've never gone back to it again.
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However the company I work for only allow E10 in all their petrol cars . Not sure if others do as it's cheaper up front .
So when they go to auction your picking up a car thats only know E10 its whole life. Don't know how that affects things .

just cruizin

Newer cars the elomastors are compatible with ethanol, not sure on the metallic components.
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