XL7 seat covers

Started by Anthony755, June 01, 2017, 07:45:21 PM

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Hi again

One of the things that's surprised me is the difficulty I've had trying to get seat covers for my XL7. They seem to be available as a custom job, for around $800  :-\, but the auto accessory shops can't otherwise help me.

Ebay have some generic 7 seat SUV seat covers (fhcover) that aren't that expensive, but it's a gamble to buy them sight unseen.

I also had a look at seat covers for more common SUVs that might come close to the XL7 requirements. eg the Xtrail seat arrangement for the front two rows of seats is like the suzuki and the cars are about the same size more or less. But even if these came close when fitted I'm still short covers for the rear row...

Has somebody already solved this problem ?

With thanks