Full Service Manual for October 2003 (last Aussie series) XL7

Started by Anthony755, June 01, 2017, 07:36:47 PM

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Hi all.

I recently bought an October 2003 GV XL7 in NSW and registered it at home here in QLD. I'm confounded trying to identify a suitable electronic full service manual for it. I'm looking for a recommendation where to source a comprehensive service manual. Are the eBay ones on cd actually any good? I hear they can be hard to use and aren't comprehensive. Same for the direct download ones, such as on trade-bit.com. Whoah........... they have so many varieties of service manual just for the first generation (till 1/06) XL7, you can't see them before you pay, and the cost varies widely.

I'm not against a printed manual, but the 'new' ones I've seen are really exe and I haven't found any used ones online.

I'd love some help. Cheers.


is that the one that has the sq Grand vitara headlights or the one with the updated lights?

From memory the ECU in the earlier XL7 will be the same as the 2.5 grand. the crank angle sensor as in the same place, (at the back of the passenger side bank) so most is straight SQ Grand Vitara.

SQ vitara manuals are around for free download in a few places.


Thanks Nissvit.  It's the XL7 with the updated lights and grille. I believe the engine and gearbox were updated from the earlier XL7. Also the 7 seaters have two zone aircon and no doubt other changes.


This could be the go.


Access is USD$20 per year, guaranteed to be complete info or money back. The website looks convincing  ;D