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The club was formed in 2003 by a group of Suzuki owners who live on the north side of Brisbane.
The first unofficial meeting was held at the Lawnton Tavern Beer Garden in March 2003.
Attendees were James C, Shane H, Brian S, Roy & Nellie and Steve F
more club history will be added - in progress

General Info:
This club is not limited to Suzuki Vehicles and people with all makes of four wheel drive vehicles are welcome. We try to have one club trip a month and members arrange informal trips amongst them selves using the Forum.

Meetings are held at the Lawnton Tavern (in Lawnton) in the beer garden starting at about 7.30pm on the second Tuesday of each month.

New Members:
If you're interested in becoming a member, you must complete three official driving runs/ driving events with the club.  This is done to ensure the displayed driving skills and behaviours are safe, and is a way for club members to get to know you.

Your application is then considered by the committee at the following committee meeting. Key items considered at this stage are the new member's contribution to the ongoing harmony within the club, and to the maintenance of the positive public image of the club.

Membership Period
Memberships are valid for twelve months, from July to June.

Membership Costs:
One years club membership costs $60 for an individual or a family. Once children turn 18 they will be required to obtain an individual membership for the next Financial Year prior to the next AGM.

Membership Form
The membership form is a PDF attached to the bottom of this post. You can click on it and open or download it.

Postal Address:
PO Box 62 Lawnton QLD 4501

Please email info @ if you want further information about the club.

Membership Forms can be opened/downloaded below.


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