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Yandina Non Members Run Sept 2014

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Got down to the Ettamogah Pub around 7:30am to see James just arriving.  Had a chat and compared cars while the convoy slowly arrived and signed in on the awesome handwritten trip sheet. All the rigs looked good heading out for a short drive up the motorway north. After taking the back roads around Nambour we aired down a before heading onto the gravel.  First stop was Wappa dam where a local friendly goose said g-day to the group while a few conversations were stuck up around the car park. On the way out we could see the how hard Ben's Serria was riding, bouncing over the speed bumps.

Away again, following a few "local traffic only" roads, we headed into Mapleton forest reserve. Following the rocky and bumpy tracks we made our way up to Point Glorious lookout for glorious view north, out over the country side and east out to the ocean.  While snacking away Chris noticed James's tire was looking awfully low, a quick check with the gauge show it was indeed loosing pressure. Looking to throw a bit of air in to the tire it James found his compressor had given up. A little know how from Vaughn got it away again, but it was decided best to change the tire.  The small slit should be an easy fix or maybe a new set of tires is on the cards.

From the lookout we followed a track around the back of Cooloolabin Dam. Of all the obstacles along the track, the tiny mud puddles made for the most chatter across the CB Channel. Worry of a dirty off road vehicle had Jason and Simmo concerned. But they needn't have worried as their tires barely made a splash in the 1/2 inch of mud. Pulling up to the day use area, lunch was called as the kids went for the swings and the rest wandered around the dam getting a few pictures. Half way through lunch we were greeted by the smell of a 3 day old Land Drover. Good to see a brand new fourby being used what it was designed for.

After lunch we headed down Baronga road before cutting back through another track, avoiding motorbikes and quads, to a nice water fall area. A few where eying up where a zook could possibly get driven through the rocks while the rest took picture and enjoyed the forest area. The excitement was too much for a certain someone who was caught napping in the passenger's seat.

After multiple 3 point turns, the final leg of the journey took us away from the planed route in favor of a track seen but never driven. It turned out to be a forestry road leading west out of the forest down to the flats. According to the GPS we were driving through a dam or a river crossing towards the end, but in reality it was just a nice track. Seeing the tarmac again it was decided to call it a day and air up. A little bit of carb adjustment and a lend of a compressor to substitute a broken one, every one headed home again.


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