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The North Brisbane Suzuki 4x4 Club is the largest Suzuki 4x4 club in Queensland. We're a friendly bunch and love to get out in the bush, go for a drive and more importantly have a good laugh. You'll see by some of the photos on our forum & gallery, that we enjoy our off roading and everyone is more than welcome to come along and join in the fun! You don't need to drive or own a Suzuki to come out & drive with us. If you'd like to find out more about the club you can use the go to the contacts page and send us a email. If you haven't already seen our Club Forum, why don't you have a look, the majority of club members use it. It is also a wealth of knowledge & if you have any questions about off roading in general or need some advice about your Suzuki it is the place be.

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North Brisbane Suzuki 4x4 Club's annual Bodgy Run was held at Janowen Hills 4x4 Park on 15th & 16th of November. 

This event gives the Club members to pull out all stops to win the Bodgy Trophy which is bragging wrights for 12 months.

Trip Report

The sun rose bringing with it the heat.  Those around the camp pottered around getting themselves ready for what lay ahead.  There was at least a little apprehension in the air.  I'd never run a competition before so I didn't really know what people would or wouldn't drive but I was about to find out.
I decided to use one of my more structured tracks first up, heaps of different options to cater for everyone who was there.  To me it was all about being inclusive, I wanted even the most inexperienced driver and unmodified vehicle to have a chance of winning. 
The first track consisted of a few gates across a rocky creek bed,  with some big rocks to catch the unsuspecting under carriage and a nasty off camber side angle for those keen on the extreme lines,  A couple of short sharp climbs were next.   A quick circle around led to some large drop offs to test the mettle of the drivers then back upward again,  three large step-ups varying between 2 feet and 5 feet high to finish off the track. 

SP in Zukzilla found the going tough on his belly plate getting hung up and having to power through it to pass the second gate,  a near lay over on the off camber section before driving out of it scored him some excellent bonus points for the spectacular driving. Making short work of the majority of the track it was clear that I'd have to turn up the heat on the drivers later in the day.  Mark in snot box made the lines all look too easy and cruised through the track with little trouble.  Greg in NFI having done well at tough tracks recently was full of confidence, this may well have been his undoing as he reached the steps at the seventh gate with relative ease.  A small bit of a miscalculation and a large piece of over exuberance left NFI pawing at the air from its resting place on its side at the bottom of one of the steps.  All were ok and unharmed and after a short recovery and drinks break we were under way again.

Lockie driving Smurf looked to have the bit between his teeth.  Getting the lines perfect on the early gates before trying to steal SP's thunder by pulling off an even more spectacular save on a near roll over at gate 3.  With some thorough right foot persuasion he success fully drove all of the hard lines on the track and the crowd showed its appreciation in kind.  There was some great courage shown by the more standard cars to step out of their comfort zone and have a go. 
The girls who usually don't drive the cars very often are also encouraged to give it a try at Bodgy run.  They all seemed pretty keen to get going so the cars were fired up and away they went.  Sarah in Snotbox, drove superbly through the track, and experienced hand at this after winning the women's Bodgy trophy last year she was out to defend her title.  Lauren was out to stop her though, with some encouragement from Lockie she piloted Smurf around the track with ease and took some nice lines to score some much needed bonus points.  Kat's turn came in Ringding.  She took some of the harder lines as well and was looking good in the points tally.  But the old zook can be fickle and challenging to drive and after a few stalls the battery decided enough was enough and refused to let Kat finish the track.
Things were hotting up on and off the tracks, we decided a lunch break and a paddle in the creek would be a good idea before continuing.  Mid-afternoon came along and it started to cool down a little we headed off to see what trouble we could get into with our second track. 

This time around we ran a separate track for the less modified cars and less experienced drivers.  It was a shallow gully with some relatively big rocks and some nice hill climbs to make it interesting.  The stand out was Chris Ozzycouch in his Vitara with some nice improvisation on track and some great driving to thrill the crowd.  Kat in Ringding again took to the track and made it exciting some hard lines on the way up brought cheers from the crowd, but a moment of indecision put her in a precarious position and again when it was least convenient, the battery died and Ringding needed to be recovered.
Lauren and Sarah again put on a great show, with the occasional wheel lift and some nice driving these two were really going to be hard to separate for the Ladies Champion Trophy.

The second extreme track consisted of a tight winding gully with several rock steps and tight squeezes between trees.  A nasty hole with some big rocks and an off camber climb out was to become a pivotal end to the track. 
Greg drove the first bonus line nicely before making the majority of the track look like a Sunday drive.  That was until he reached the last two gates and final obstacle.  NFI slipped in after starting to straddle the hole well and firmly wedged itself against the bank.  Stuck fast Greg used all of his powers of persuasion to rock it back and forth but to no avail.  One last ditch attempt on the rev limiter heard a loud crack emerge from under the car, the result was a broken axle and the end of NFI's weekend.  A bit of a recovery ensued as NFI had no rear drive now and was still stuck fast.

With NFI finally extracted it was Marks turn in Snotbox.  Mark chose some of the tamer line options but drove them really well and scored some bonus points in the process.  Nearing the final gates I wondered if he would attempt them seeing the demise of NFI earlier.  Onward he drove only to pass where NFI had rested earlier.  He got further but alas the same fate befell Snotbox.  Slipping into the hole, laying it on its side and getting stuck fast.  With some manipulation and crowd participation Snotbox was extracted from the hole and the competition continued. 

Lockie drove excellently through all of the hard lines and options, up to the end over the big hole and through the final gate, barely even breaking a sweat.  Everyone watching on I think wondered why the previous attempts had found the track so hard but Lockie just got the line spot on and cruised on through.  And then once he had finished and was turning around to come back down, Lockie decided that it hadn?t been nearly exciting enough and proceeded to roll the car down into the gully.  He was fine and the car was going to survive but this was going to be a long recovery.  With the sun heading down toward the horizon the others worked on recovering Lockie from the top of the gully we worked on getting some of the others who wouldn?t be attempting the last obstacle up the rest of the track.  Dmac Dave drove cleanly through to the 8th gate and showed that he knows how to steer with the best, and Nick in one of the tidiest zooks to compete this year showed the rest of us that you don't need huge tyres or heaps or bar work to drive the hard stuff.

With Lockie finally out of harms way, the sun already down and light fading fast it came to our Presidents turn to drive.  SP chose a couple of the intermediate lines in the hopes of driving cleaner than some of the others.  It was a gamble but one that worked out well.  He proceeded with ease to toward and past the 7th gate and without pausing drove on into the final obstacle.  An even cleaner line than one taken previously by Lockie saw him through the track to the end with little trouble. 
Back at camp I reviewed the scores and there were as many mouth-watering battles appearing on the points tally as there were mouth-watering smells coming from the roast on the camp fire. 

Sunday started much the same as Saturday had.  It was hot, sticky and I was keen to get started as early as I could.  While everyone finished getting ready I headed over to mark out the tracks and see what devious things I could come up with.  I was intent that this was not going to be a cake walk and that those wanting those bonus points and hard line points would need to earn them. 
The track started with a steep descent down over some tree roots and holes.  The easier option was a 3 foot step off that even the standard cars would find a challenge, next was a sharp left turn and up a rock step as big as any from the previous day.  Next was a short rocky climb before being faced with another step and climb, circling down again to a rocky decent, up a very difficult hill climb, then down another drop,  up the steps on the other side then down again.  Starting to see a pattern?  People started to arrive at the track as I set out the last cones.  As they wandered around looking at my creation I could see that I had put together something special.  It?s a proud moment when people are not sure exactly how to tackle a track you have made. 

Mark volunteered to go first and lined up at the top of the first decent.  Without even looking unsettled Snotbox crawled gently down the steep slope.  Snotbox made short work of the intermediate and some hard lines and emerged triumphant at the end of the track.  SP drove with great gusto and picked up some bonus points for his trouble.  Lockie set out to steal the Bodgy Trophy driving hard option after hard option and was looking very good.  However a slight mistake on a crazy drop off saw Smurf wedged hard against a tree half way down and needing to be recovered.  Nick impressed yet again driving the track cleanly and getting through one particular extreme option that no one else would drive that day.  James in his almost standard Grand Vitara drove really well getting through a lot of the intermediate options before pushing his luck a little too far on a hill climb and completely smashing his front diff and earning himself the not so coveted Carnage Cup trophy. 
The ladies lined up on their track keen to have some fun.  Sarah with some exciting driving showed she was just warming up; Kat drove some hard lines and drove them well to finish the track and close the gap on the leaders.  In the end it was consistent driving that won Lauren the title of Ladies Champion by just 1 point over Sarah in second place.

Chris SP emerged victorious for the Bodgy title closely followed but Lockie and then Mark only a few points behind that.  Well done to all who competed and I look forward to next year.

Trip Report By: Tanshi



Final placings.  Scores are out of  total 300 possible points.

1st  Chris SP (Zukzilla) Vitara             285
2nd Lockie   (Smurf)  Sierra              281
3rd  Mark     (Snot Box) Sierra           280
4th  Nick      (Squeeky) Sierra           267
5th  Dave     (Bluey)     Sierra           240
6th  Chris C   (Cadbury) Vitara           223
7th  James    (?) Grand Vitara           219

Womens Champ

1st Lauren  (Smurf)     Sierra
2nd Sarah   (Snotbox)  Sierra
3rd Kat       (Ring Ding) LJ50

Crowd Favorite
Greg     (NFI)          Sierra

Carnage Cup

James    (?)          Grand Vitara

Some Random Award

Nick  (Squeeky)   Sierra  Awarded for some great driving.

Track Placings.

Track 1                     Track 2                      Track 3
1. Lockie                   1. Sp                         1.  Mark
2. Sp                        2. Lockie                    2. Nick
3. Mark                     3. Mark                       3. SP

WELL DONE to all.

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